vanessa (prettyxpet) wrote,

fuck beacon kids, and fuck lourdes kids too.

Fuck all these Beacon kids.

I hate all these fucking skank ass beacon kids who think they are so fucking cool. you run around saying you throw great parties, have the best friends and are drama free, and its all bullshit. guess what, no one thats not from beacon gives a shit! they all think you're lame asses. you all talk shit about your so called friends and you create drama to feel special. youre all fucking pathetic kids who wont survive once you graduate, if you even make it that far. so do me a favor, pull your hot topic studded belts out of your asses, wipe the eye liner out of your eyes, and rip that damn ring out of your face and get a fucking life. kthanks.

oh ps, this goes for all the lame ass lourdes kids too.
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