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friends only.


my name is vanessa. i'm 17 (5.28.87) & i live in new york, about 1
hour north of new york city. i love art, especially photography.
i'm going to college for it in the fall. i'm currently a senior
at our lady of lourdes high school, i transferred there last year from beacon high. i hate high school. i like more mature people. i like to party, a lot. i never miss an opportunity to have fun, ever.

loves; mark, kmfdm, a perfect circle, rammstein, nin, pig, fly, vnv nation, 16 volt, kidney thieves, apoptygma berzerk, pantera, lucia, pulp fiction, reservoir dogs, natural born killers, a clockwork orange, the crow(original), donnie darko, researching school violence, reb, vodka, kibbz, partying, sleep.

way too much to list.


Comment if you want to be added. I'm giving you a fair warning. If you say something completely ignorant, bigoted, or just plain stupid, I will not be nice to you. You'll get just what you deserve, which might be a nice, long, nasty comment. Or perhaps a smack in the face, if I know you personally. If you go to Lourdes, and are not on this list, and I have not told you otherwise, I hate you. Don't talk to me. You've been warned. Proceed to comment, if you still desire.


Join sxiswt_beauties.

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