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heres a fucking update.

schools ok. lots of work. i just cant wait for christmas. hopefully tyler will have his new car by then so he can come visit me for a week over break, because there is no way i can deal with not seeing him for a month. if worst comes to worst, sarah will drive down, pick him up, pick christian up in lake george and come down. i love them. especially tyler. i never thought i'd really fall in love. mark.. hahaha that was not love. he keeps calling and texting me. asking if i ever think about him and if i miss him. and i honestly dont. hes one of the worst things that ever happened to me. he used to beat the shit out of me. i dont get him. i dont get how all of a sudden he pretends like he cares. im so happy i met tyler. hes so amazing. i cant even deal with it. he gives me butterflies everytime i even think about him. i honestly love him so much.

other note...

nikki has been texting me... i kinda feel bad, i mean, she was my best friend. but i just cant deal with her attitude sometimes. i should call biscuit and ask him what the deal is. i dunno.....
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