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friends only.


my name is vanessa. i'm 17 (5.28.87) & i live in new york, about 1
hour north of new york city. i love art, especially photography.
i'm going to college for it in the fall. i'm currently a senior
at our lady of lourdes high school, i transferred there last year from beacon high. i hate high school. i like more mature people. i like to party, a lot. i never miss an opportunity to have fun, ever.

loves; mark, kmfdm, a perfect circle, rammstein, nin, pig, fly, vnv nation, 16 volt, kidney thieves, apoptygma berzerk, pantera, lucia, pulp fiction, reservoir dogs, natural born killers, a clockwork orange, the crow(original), donnie darko, researching school violence, reb, vodka, kibbz, partying, sleep.

way too much to list.


Comment if you want to be added. I'm giving you a fair warning. If you say something completely ignorant, bigoted, or just plain stupid, I will not be nice to you. You'll get just what you deserve, which might be a nice, long, nasty comment. Or perhaps a smack in the face, if I know you personally. If you go to Lourdes, and are not on this list, and I have not told you otherwise, I hate you. Don't talk to me. You've been warned. Proceed to comment, if you still desire.


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i mean, i just hate most of those bitches. they make me so angry.
dev's right. there's those bitches, but then you can also choose to surround yourself with the people you only like and shut out the meredith and breanna crowd. tis what we did. and we've been where you are, we spent all our years before high school in public school. and its obvious to say its far worse than lourdes.
if youre just talking about the religious aspect of all the teachers, we ignore them too unless they choose to put up an intelligent and respectful fight with us. rare, but it happens. if they dont listen to me, fuck em. its only five more months. if you look at that compared to the rest of your life, is a small fee to do whatever the fuck you want for the rest of your life; youre doing it now anyway :)
add me? =]
of course. :)
argg.. i LOVE your layout.
thanks. :)
can i delete your other name off the list?
um hi add me bye


Wats up!? I've missed u in school i feel like i havent seen u in like forever!! ummm add me please?! so happy that u found my journal hehe ttul tomorrow bye mwa* 143
hey...wanna fight?!
yeah! let's fight, punk!!!!
Hey. What's up, fellow New Yorker? Damn, feels good to see NIN on your list. New album in May. Fuck yes.

Don't mind the ranting in my journals, btw. Remember, I only set fire to people who deserve it.
Hey Vanessa,
I got a new journal. Add me :)
Hey babe, add me :-)
hey there
check out omfg hot
were a sweet rating community
i think you might have a chance to get in :)
good luck!


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